EYE OF HORUS Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant 7010 Ions
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The son of Isis and Osiris, Horus serves many functions in the Egyptian pantheon; including being Lord of the sun, sky, war, and the hunt.  His symbol, the "Wedjat" or "Eye of Horus" has been used for centuries to bring wisdom, insight, and most notably protection to those who bear it.  Extremely popular among both occult scholars and esoteric traditions, this mark can be seen extensively throughout many magical grimiores and sacred texts; including works by Aleister Crowley, and Manly P. Hall; as well as many New Age publications, such as JJ Hurtaks timeless masterpiece "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch".

Emitting an exceptional 7,010 negative ions per cm3 of FIR (far-infrared) spectrum scalar energy pulsed at the "Schuman Resonance" of 7.83 Hz (the healing frequency of the earth), this 44mm/1.75" round disc, comprised of ancient volcanic lava rock, and a special proprietary blend of electronically ionizing crystalline elements; is hung on our heavy duty 3.2mm x 24" stainless steel chain, and can be optionally fitted with the included Shekinah Silicone Protection Ring, to channel the vast energies of Horus himself, while adding an earthy style and look that is perfect for nearly any occasion.

Bundled with a FREE 3,000 negative ion per cm3 Shekinah Bio Energy card, which is custom printed with our exclusive "Ionic Emission Certificate", fully guaranteeing your new pendants expressly verified "VIOLET" level ionic emission rating; then promptly delivered to your door in a rich, prismatically lettered Black gift box; the Shekinah Wedjat pendant makes an invigorating gift for anyone wishing to utilize additional healing energy in their daily lives.  It is also a favorite choice among students of the various mystery schools, both neophytes and adepts alike.

Whether you choose to use this device for wisdom, clarity, divination, or even just an extra energy boost; the Shekinah Wedjat pendant is a terrific way to bring the protective power of negative ions to you and those you care about.  Try one today, and experience the many benefits this incredible device has to offer you on your own unique path of mastery and self discovery.


(1) Shekinah 21g Round Pendant Disc, "VIOLET" certified at 7,010 Negative Ions Per Cm3 (Size: 44mm/1.75")

(1) Shekinah Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Necklace Chain with Clasp (Size: 3.2mm Diameter x 24" Length)

(1) Shekinah Narrow/Slender Style Stainless Steel Bail

(1) Shekinah Custom Fitted Silicone Pendant Protection Ring

(1) Shekinah Bio Energy Card, Rated at 3,000 Average Negative Ions Per Cm3

(1) Shekinah "Ionic Emission Certification" Card, Fully Guaranteeing Your New Pendants Certified Ion Emission Rating (Printed on Opposite Side of the Shekinah Bio-Energy Card)

(1) Shekinah Prismatically Lettered Black Gift Box

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EYE OF HORUS Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant 7010 Ions

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