FLOWER OF LIFE Zero-point Energy Pendant  6467 Ions
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Long associated with the eternal cycle of energy, vitality, and creation; the Flower of Life symbol is expertly crafted into our 44mm ( approximately 1.75" ) pendant of natural volcanic crystal.  Hung on a 26" stainless steel chain, the earthy color and texture of your pendant compliments any outfit; whether you choose to display the sacred Flower Of Life on the front side, or the graceful Shekinah Dove on the reverse.  Bundled with a free Shekinah Bio Energy Card, and delivered to your door in a beautifully gold lettered royal violet gift box; you are sure to feel the 6,467 negative ions per cm3 bringing you all of the physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of this awesome energy source.  Whether a gift for yourself, or someone you love, the Shekinah Flower Of Life Pendant is an attractive and powerful addition to your high vibrational lifestyle.

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  • Manufacturer: SSS

FLOWER OF LIFE Zero-point Energy Pendant 6467 Ions

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