LOTUS BLOOM Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant 7196 Ions
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Lotus Bloom: Timeless, simple, and elegant; the alluring eastern spirituality inspired design of the new Shekinah Scalar Sciences Lotus pendant gracefully symbolizes the continuous unfolding  of consciousness, and the magnificent beauty that springs forth from within what often appears to be the most ordinary of things.


(1) Shekinah 21g Round Pendant Disk, “VIOLET” certified at 7,196 Negative Ions Per Cm3 (Size: 44mm x 1.75)

(1) Shekinah Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Necklace Chain with Clasp (Size: 3.2mm Diameter x 24” Length)

(1) Shekinah Narrow/Slender Style Stainless Steel Bail

(1) Shekinah Silicone Pendant Protection Ring

(1) Shekinah Bio Energy Card, Rated at 3,000 Average Negative Ions Per Cm3

(1) Shekinah “Ionic Emission Certification” Card, Fully Guaranteeing Your New Pendants Certified Ion Emission Rating (Printed on the Opposite Side of the Shekinah Bio-Energy Card)

(1) Shekinah Silver Lettered Black Gift Box


  • Manufacturer: SSS

LOTUS BLOOM Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant 7196 Ions

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