OM AUM Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant 7472 Ions
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Inscribed in the ancient script of the Hindu people, the sound "Aum" is the first and original vibration of the universal consciousness manifesting as sound.  It consists of three syllables, A (Vaishvanara), U (Hiranyagarbha), and M (Ishvara); representing the creation, preservation, and destruction of the universe.  Used for millennia as a focus point for meditation and healing, the vibration of "Om/Aum" is useful for balancing, cleansing, and establishing a connection with the supreme consciousness from which all life originates.

Charged to an exhilarating 7472 negative ions per cm3 with FIR (far-infrared) spectrum scalar energy pulsed at the "Schuman Resonance" of 7.83 Hz (the healing frequency of the earth), this 44mm/1.75" round disc of volcanic lava rock and electrically ionized crystal is hung on our included 24" x 2.4mm heavy duty stainless steel chain to make a powerful ally in your quest for purification and enlightenment, no matter which individual path back to source you have chosen to take.

Bundled with a FREE Shekinah Bio Energy/Ionic Emission Certification card and Silicone Pendant Protection Ring, then delivered to your door in a majestic gold lettered white gift box; the Shekinah Aum pendant is a captivating gift for anyone looking to expand their consciousness to higher levels.  The timeless flowing style of the Sanskrit text, together with the earthy color and texture of the pendant; speaks an unmistakable declaration of unity and oneness with the creative forces of the Eternal; whether you choose to wear it continually throughout the day, or exclusively during your meditation and prayer rituals.

And not only will the Shekinah Aum pendant provide a highly inspiring aid to anyone interested in healing practice, personal development, and the development of others; it is also an indispensable tool for emotionally centering yourself, while adding a remarkable amount of clarity and tranquility to each and every moment of your daily life.  So assist your sacred journey of spiritual attunement today, and begin reaping the endless benefits that await you with this radiant energy source.  Namaste!


(1) Shekinah Heavy Duty 21g/.75oz Round Pendant Disc with Aum Design, Rated at 7,472 Average Negative Ions Per Cm3

(Size: 44mm/1.75" Diameter x 5mm Thickness)

(1) Shekinah Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Necklace Chain with Clasp

(Size: 24" Length x 2.4mm Diameter)

(1) Shekinah Stainless Steel Flat Style Bail

(1) Shekinah Silicone Pendant Protection Ring (Black)

(1) Shekinah Bio Energy/Ionic Emission Certification Card Rated at 3,000+ Average Negative Ions Per Cm3

(1) Shekinah Gold Lettered White Gift Box

  • Manufacturer: SSS

OM AUM Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant 7472 Ions

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