Shekinah Zero-point Energy Card
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Created as an inexpensive, convenient, and effective way to enjoy the life enhancing power of negative ions, these Shekinah Bio Energy Cards are perfect for beginners as well as those seeking an additional source of scalar energy.  Measuring 85mm long x 54mm wide ( the same size as a standard credit card ) these tough, colorful cards are made of a crystalline plastic that holds an average charge of 2,500 negative ions per cm3.  They can be placed in your wallet, in the soles of your shoes, or even inside your pillow
to help you re-charge while you sleep.  Whether you carry them for a personal energy boost, or hand out to friends to sample; the energy of these cards works to enhance calm, promote healthy immune systems, and counteract the negative effects of EMF ( Electromagnetic Frequency ) in the today’s hi-tech world.  Experience the amazing effects of negative ions for yourself today with a Shekinah Scalar Sciences Bio Energy Card, and see what all the excitement is about!

  • Manufacturer: SSS

Shekinah Zero-point Energy Card

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