Silicone Guard Ring For All Shekinah 44mm/1.75" Round Pendants
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For our customers who already enjoy and benefit from one of our pendants, these matte black rings of silicone rubber protect your medallion from damage as well as provide an additional boost in negative ion output.  Slipping easily onto your pendant, this tough, impact resistant ring enhances the natural color of the volcanic crystal while giving you peace of mind for everyday wear no matter what your day may bring.  Rated at an average emission of 1,314 negative ions per cm3, the integral crystalline structure will continue to release additional negative ions for the existence of the pendant while extending its life through a variety of unforeseen circumstances.  Standardized to fit every Shekinah Scalar Pendant design, these silicone rings make a great addition to every order, whether for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.

  • Manufacturer: SSS

Silicone Guard Ring For All Shekinah 44mm/1.75" Round Pendants

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