TETRAGRAMMATON PENTAGRAM Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant
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A sigil for the ineffable 4 letter name of God used by King Solomon, the Tetragrammaton is an arcane symbol of Kabalistic origins; used extensively by white witches and magicians alike.  The upright pentagram symbolizes the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit; in harmony with the 7 classic planetary bodies Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon. The inside of the pentagram is further inscribed with the Hebrew characters of the ineffable 4 letter name itself, together with additional titles of both the Father, and his lesser “creator gods”; then encircled by the elemental symbols of pentacles (earth/contemplation), swords (air/invoking), wands (fire/manifestation), and cups (water/banishing).

Emitting a sensational 7,295 negative ions per cm3 of FIR (far-infrared) spectrum scalar energy pulsed at the “Schuman Resonance” of 7.83 HZ (the healing frequency of the earth), this 44mm/1.75 round disk, comprised of ancient volcanic lava rock, and a special proprietary blend of electronically ionizing crystalline elements; is hung on our heavy duty 3.2mm x 24” stainless steel chain, and optionally fitted with the included Shekinah Silicone Protection Ring, to bring you the ancient power of this sacred symbol, while effectively providing you with the increased vitality, calming mental state, and countless other benefits attributed to negative ion exposure.

Bundled with Free 3,000 negative ion per cm3 Shekinah Bio Energy Card, which is custom printed with our exclusive “Ionic Emission Certificate”, fully guaranteeing your new pendants expressly verified “VIOLET” level ionic emission rating; then promptly delivered to your door in a striking, prismatically lettered black gift box; the Shekinah Tetragrammaton pendant makes a valuable addition to ant serious magical practitioners collection, as well as anyone looking for an effective way to bring the blessings of additional creative energy into their daily lives.

Whether a gift for yourself, or someone you love, the Shekinah Tetragrammaton pendant is an unparalleled choice for spiritual seekers of all kinds.  Try one today, and experience fist hand the strength of this breathtaking power packed talisman.


(1) Shekinah 21g Round Pendant Disk, “VIOLET” certified at 7,295 Negative Ions Per Cm3 (Size: 44mm x 1.75)

(1) Shekinah Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Necklace Chain with Clasp (Size: 3.2mm Diameter x 24” Length)

(1) Shekinah Narrow/Slender Style Stainless Steel Bail

(1) Shekinah Silicone Pendant Protection Ring

(1) Shekinah Bio Energy Card, Rated at 3,000 Average Negative Ions Per Cm3

(1) Shekinah “Ionic Emission Certification” Card, Fully Guaranteeing Your New Pendants Certified Ion Emission Rating (Printed on the Opposite Side of the Shekinah Bio-Energy Card)

(1) Shekinah Silver Lettered Black Gift Box

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TETRAGRAMMATON PENTAGRAM Shekinah Zero-point Energy Pendant

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